Getting Started: The process in detail

A Company, as per the Companies Act 2013, means a company incorporated under this Act or under any previous company law.

In simple terms, a Company means a group of persons associated together for the attainment of a common goal or objective. Incorporation of a company is generally considered cumbersome that requires a number of formalities to be complied with on the administrative front. Once a Company is formed, all the records and books have to be maintained consistently and all records where ever necessary have to be filed with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Else, the Company may incur penalties.

We have compiled the various types of Companies that can be formed in India along with the procedure. It will be useful to go through each of the types if you are trying to identify the legal character of your company.

1. Limited Liability Partnership /LLP
2. Partnership
3. Private Limited Company
4. Public Limited Company
5. Sole Proprietorship

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