From around the world

Start-up Communities

Y Combinator, USA
Tech Stars, USA
General Assembly, New York
Plug-in@Blk71, Singapore
Mapped in Isreal, Isreal
Indian Angel Network, India
The Chennai Angels, India
Mumbai Angels, India
The Startup Village, India
The Startup Centre, India

Start-up Blogs

Chris Dixon, A16Z
Roger Ehrenberg, IA Ventures
Brad Feld, Foundry Group
First Round Review
Paul Graham, Y combinator
Semil Shah, Angel
David Skok, Matrix
Mark Suster, Upfront
Rom Tunguz, Redpoint
Hunter Walk, Homebrew
Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures
Tech Startup Lawyer, Innovation Capital Law Group
Counselor@Law, William Carleton
Startup Law Blog, Joe Wallin
Startup Lawyer, Ryan Roberts

Source Credit: Mr. Steve Schlafman, RRE Ventures

Articles & Discussion Forums

Tech Crunch

What keeps Entrepreneurs up at night
Bridging the Capital Gap through Crowd Funding
Child Safety Startup
Customer Incentives
Innovative Start-ups vie for mentoring

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